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Dunn's Ploughs, The Beeches, Dowland, Winkleigh, Devon, EX19 8PB

Tel: 01805 804 593
Mob: 07974 260 361

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Rabe Raven Avant 1500
Dowdeswell 100 D slat
Overum BV497 5 furrow
Kverneland LD85 240
Dowdeswell 140 DD Bodies
Dowdeswell DP5 LS
Overum CV - Sold
Vogel and Noot XS
Rabe Eagle 140
Rabe Kite 140
Lemken DL110
Vigolo power harrow
Kongkilde variant
Dunns 205 shear bolt - SOLD.
Dunns 205 EX DEMO - SOLD
Dunns 205 auto reset - SOLD
Dunn's DN205MA
Dunn's Match Plough
Dunn's DNHR
Dunn's DN205
Dunn's Titan
Kverneland 4 furrow
Dowdeswell DP8B
Vigolo topper
DP7D2 YCN Bodies
Dowdeswell DP100MA DDS1 bodies
Dowdeswell 100MA UCN bodies
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